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Group Management Report


8. Environment

With 13,485 employees throughout the world, GfK is an extremely diverse global player. What unites everyone in the company is, not least, their joint effort to conduct their work in the most resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly way possible. For GfK, as a service provider that neither runs factories nor manufactures physical products, this is the biggest factor of its energy balance.  

With a DIN-EN-50001-compliant energy management system, we have been systematically applying an approach to adjust this factor as precisely and sustainably as possible since the end of 2015. The energy management system (EMS) is used by all of GfK’s offices in Germany, wherein so-called energy management officers use the system to define clear responsibilities and track our company’s entire energy consumption. This makes it possible to monitor our consumption systematically and, where necessary, make suitable improvements. On the basis of our data, we will establish our energy conservation goals and implement the first actions during the course of 2016. Increased energy efficiency not only preserves resources, it also gives our company a distinct competitive advantage.  

We will assess how well we have met these goals at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017 when we have our EMS audited in accor­dance with DIN. In this way, the energy management system of GfK combines the highest possible productivity with the lowest possible impact on the environment and climate.